To My Dad

Not ever knowing where you were
Alone, thinking you were so hurt
A life spent wishing I’d been better to you
So you could love me—and want me, too.

It was so much easier for me to believe
It was all my fault that I didn’t receive
A visit, a letter, a telephone call
A little of your love—your time—that’s all!

I didn’t need money; I knew you had none
I just needed a dad—but then you got a son
All the excuses, they’re all the same
They’ll never make up for all this pain.

For you see, having a dad was important to me
It was the only way I had to see
My value, my worth, my lovableness, too
But when you left me, you took all that, too.

by annie 

copyright: 1991: annie  All Rights Reserved