Daddy, Please Love Me

Daddy, please love me
It’s dark, and I’m so scared;
There’s something in my closet,
Please show me that you care.
Come chase away the monsters,
They won’t stay when you are near;
They just like to scare us kids,
But dads they know to fear.

Daddy, please love me
Hold me close and tight;
Tell me, “Daddy’s here  now,
Everything will be all right.”
Let me snuggle close against your chest
Where warmth and comfort dwell’
And rock me oh so gently
Until the hurts all melt.

Daddy, please love me,
Let me be your special girl.
Bill calls Sue his little princess
Even when her hair’s up in curls.
Could I be your “Little Princess?”
It would mean so very much;
Daddy, don’t you understand?
I need our lives to touch!

Daddy, please love me,
Why do your hurt me so?
This isn’t what I wanted,
Please, Daddy, let me go.
I only longed for love and comfort,
To soothe away the pain,
Now I  lay broken and shattered,
To never ask again.

by annie

copyright: 1991: annie  All Rights Reserved