A Smile

A smile they said was all Iíd need
To get me through this life
A smile is all they want to see
Not frowns, or tears, or strife.

I learned my lesson very well
I smiled my whole life through
I even smiled when sound asleep
Or so Iím told Iíd do.

But now you say thatís not the way
Just let true feelings show
But Iím so scared, Oh canít you see
My smile is safe, you know.

Thereís so much pain behind this smile
Anger, rage, and self-blame
A lifetime of tears bottled up
Loneliness, fears, and shame.

Would I then look like some monster
Would others turn away
Would my face ever smile again
Or would it freeze in pain.

by annie 

copyright: 1991: annie  All Rights Reserved