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Christmas Is... (this will take you off site, so a new window will open.)


A Lesson From An Ornament


'Tis The Season To Be Jolly


Santa's Coming, Isn't He

Ollie & the First Christmas


A Christmas Prayer: Christmas Eve 1881

Love Lives Eternally

A Military Family's First Christmas

Belleau Wood

Sacrifice of Love

Go to Bed Early, Because

Tamiko's Gift

An Adventure with Grandma

The Meaning of Christmas

Candy: The Christmas Miracle

Mattie Chitzmats

My First True Christmas

The Doll & A White Rose

Twas the Night After Christmas (Farm Boy Style)

Christmas Poem: List for Santa

Christmas Memories

Twas the Night Before Christmas in the 90's

The Christmas Truce

Olive, the Orphan Reindeer

Did you know there is another reindeer besides Rudolph with a funny nose?  Most kids know about her because this reindeer is in the Rudolph song:  "All of (OLIVE) the other reindeer used to laugh and call him names."  Yes, her name's Olive and here is her story...

A Touching Christmas Story

Lest We Forget

A Soldier's Christmas

A Small White Envelope: A Christmas Story

The Night Before Christmas Medley

The Night Before Christmas Technical Style

A Christmas Story
a True Story by Jay Frankston

Murdoch the Blue-haired Ex-elf
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Absulum the Reindeer Elf
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Christmas Lost & Christmas Found
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Last Chrsitmas in Siberia (an obsolete story)

Christmas Under the Crescent (A Gothic Story)

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