Down a Long Dark Road

Down the road I'm walking
A dark and lonely road
It seems as though it has no end
And no one to help me with my load.

The dark clouds are hovering over
I can hear the thunder's loud roar
The lightening's flashing in the sky
Lord, I can't go on no more!

What's that! I hear a whisper
Telling me to go on
That just a little ways further
And the darkness will all be gone.

But I am getting so weary
My heart is beating so fast
Oh God! Oh God stay with me
Until the night has passed!

The road looks so long and dreary
But look! What's that ahead I see?
Over yonder I see light
Light just waiting there for me.

by Annie (at age 14)

© Copyright: Annie: 1965-1998: All rights reserved