Tim's Hideout
my husband's site 
(Mandelbrot sets, sequential puzzles, photography, etc)

Chris & Tammy's Home
My daughter and her family

Kevin's Kreations
my son's site

Reasons to Believe
 with Dr. Hugh Ross (scientific site)
Daily Radio Spot
Daily Question
.Into the Wardrobe, C.S. Lewis

Christian Links for Kids & Teens

Larry Boy & the Rumor Weed
for the kids and us big kids everywhere

Thomas Kinkade Gallery

Cybergrace Christian Network
.Readers Digest at Home

The NIV Quiet Time
A Daily Bible Passage & Reflective Questions
..The Ultimate VeggieTales Website
.Focus on the Family

Peggy's Place
Mountain Elves
 Old World Santa dolls & more

.Christian Search Engines

Bible Search
Bible Online
Christian Resource Index

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