To My  Special Valentine
It was only 29 years ago that I gazed across the table at you
at that Valentine's Banquet
You were my Valentine then
Even though you didn't know it
And you still are!
Thank you for being my special valentine all these years!
Thank you  for  helping make me the person I am today!
Thank you for believing in me
Even when I didn't believe in myself.
Thank you for sticking by me
Through the good and the bad;
For your steady committment
To our marriage--
To our lives together;
For encouraging me to reach for the impossible.
Thank you for loving me 
For being my best friend 
For all the times you knew just what to say
Thank you for your understanding
Your gentleness
Your sensitivity
...And for all those great hugs.
Thank you for being such a great "Daddy" and Papa 
for all te fun we have together
at the zoo, aquarium, or parks
for all the weekends you have given us
even if you should have been doing something else
For enjoying "Veggi Tales"
and singing silly songs with us
For giving of yourself so freely
so that you can leave your imprint
on all our  lives
And thank you for your steady,
deep faith in God
No matter what comes our way
For being there in the middle of the night
to remind me that God loves me
and accepts me as I am
For helping me see God
through your eyes
And thereby having a richer
a bigger picture
of who He is
and  how big He is
We've truly walked together through many things
that have brought about changes in our life...
raising our kids and watching them 
become beautiful adults
(the "almost" empty-nest syndrome)
being involved in our grand-kids' lives
tremendous spiritual growth
changes in ministry
lots of necessary personal growth
 and our journey toward intimacy in our relationship--
which will probably never end.
Thank you!!

I Love You, Tim
from Annie


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