The First Easter


2The skeptical one  (two words with blank between) 
5.  They yelled, "Crucify him!" 
8.  Judas carried this 
9.  Jesus said he was the _________of the world. 
11. The first person to see Jesus after the resurrection.
12. What the disciples did when Jesus was praying 
14. Jesus is God's _____. 
16 & 20. "Neither death, ____ life..._____powers of darkness......can separate us from the love of God. 
17. Because of Jesus death on the cross we can now be ____________. 
18. Jesus was led to _________ to be put to death. 
19. _____unto others as you would have them _____ unto you. 
22. Another name for Jesus 
25. They that _______ upon the Lord shall renew their strength. 
26. The name above all names. 
27. Jesus made it possible for us to ______ the holy of holies. 
30. First recorded demon possesed animal. 
31. The Jews were waiting for him to return. 
32. After appearing and then  vanishing once  the two disciples recognized him, one said, "Did not our hearts _____ within us..."
34. How did Peter and John get to the tomb of Jesus? 
35. Jesus' last physical healing was perfomed on this part of the body. 
36. How many disciples did Jesus meet on the road to Emmaus.
38. Where people go on Easter. 
40. Boldly claimed he would never betray Jesus. 
42. He is _____to do abundantly more than we can ask or think. 
43. The word of God. 
46. His crown had many of these.. 
48. The reason God sent Jesus.
50. The beloved 
51. The place of the _______ 
53. Resurrection day 
54. Used on the dead bodies. 
56. Jesus rode this into Jerusalem. 
57. Jesus shared this with  Judas. 
59. Gives power to become sons of God 
61."Jesus is _______.
62. "____ one can enter the kingdom of heaven except by me." 
64. You
65. He told Mary that Jesus was not here. 
67. "By his ______ we were healed." 
69.  Jesus prayed saying "Father, the hour has ____." 
71. How the disciples felt after Jesus appeared to them and showed them his hands.
72. The hill upon which he was crucified. 
73. Where did the blood come from? 


1. A symbol of life 
2. "I _____ the will of my father who sent me." 
3.  "For God so loved the world, he gave his only son that whosoever______ shall be saved." 
4. This belonged to Joseph of Arimathea. 
6.  Another symbol of Easter. 
7. The women ran from the tomb with _____ and great joy.
8.  It was mixed with water. 
10. The veil was ______ . 
13. Where did Jesus say he was going while on the cross.
15. Jesus is ________. 
17. The size of a mustard seed is enough. 
18. Another symbol of Christ. 
21. Peter's name 
23. Jesus died for him too  (okay, so he's not in the Bible) 
24. On Easter we celebrate this. 
25. After denying Jesus, Peter ______.
29. A symbol of followers of Christ from the early church. 
33. "I will _______ leave you..." 
28. The angel told the women "Jesus is ____ here..."
34. The soldiers put this on Jesus.
37. Jews pray at this. 
39. The soldiers hand-made this.
40. A celebration 
41. Part of our Easter tradition. 
44. Jesus did this to the disciples at the last supper. 
45. "In remembrance of me." 
46. They were crucified with Jesus 
47. What Jesus was betrayed for. 
48. Another symbolic name for Christ. 
49. Jesus won the ______ over death, hell and the grave.
52. He went away sorrowful and hung himself. 
53.  He called us his ______. 
55.  His side was _______. 
58.  Thirty ______ of silver. 
60. He walked with God. 
62. Used to crucify Jesus. 
63. What the disciples did when Jesus was arrested.
66. The Father 
68. The veil was rent in ____. 
70. "_____ sheep hear my voice." 

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