Matthew 27



1 Who was Jesus handed over to by the priests?
4 What was split top to bottom when Jesus gave up his spirit?
5 Whose field did the priests buy with Judas's returned money?
6 Who did the crowd ask for Pilate to release?
9 What is the field the priests bought known by today? (5,2,5)
11 Which prophet predicted about the field bought with thirty pieces of silver?
12 By what method did Judas kill himself?

2 Where did Joseph come from?
3 What did Pilate do with his hands before the crowd?
4 What did the crowd shout to Pilate to do with Jesus?
5 Where did the soldiers take Jesus?
7 What is the meaning of Eloi? (2,3)
8 Where did they offer Jesus wine mixed with gall?
10 Where did Simon the cross bearer come from?