The Last Day: Luke's Account

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 1 Who was surprised that Jesus (before revealing himself) didn't know what was going on in Jerusalem?
 3 What city were the disciples and Jesus at when he was carried into heaven?
 5 What did Jesus do after the disciples realized it was Jesus with them?
 6 What was torn in two?
 9 Name of the place where Jesus was crucified?
10 How many hours did the sun fail to shine?
11 Who did the people want Pilate to release?
13 Whose jurisdiction was Jesus under?
14 What hour did Jesus die?
15 What of Jesus did the soldiers cast lots for?
17 Where was Simon from?
18 What had Jesus done that caused the disciples to recognize him?
19 What city did the man who asked for Jesus' body?
 2 What village is about 7 miles from Jerusalem?
 4 What did Herod hope to see from Jesus?
 7 What was Barabbus' crime?
 8 Who did Jesus tell the women to weep for?
 9 Who was made to help Jesus carry his cross?
12 Who said, "This certainly was a righteous man"?
16 Who asked Pilate for the body of Jesus so he could take care of it?


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