Eggshell Mosaic

Don't throw those colored eggshells you spent so much time creating away when you eat your Easter eggs.  Instead, break them up into pieces and create a special picture for your parents (or grandparents). 
Here's what you'll need:

          colored eggshells 
          paper (construction paper, or plain will do)
          crayon, pen or marker 

     Get out your piece of paper and draw a flower, angel, or whatever you like to draw.   After you draw it, spread some glue all around the inside of the picture.  Sprinkle your broken eggshells onto the glue.  When it's dry, you'll have a lovely picture to give to someone special or hang in your room.

If you use a heavier paper, like construction paper, you can even turn this into a placemat by covering it with clear contact paper.  Your grandparents would love this (hint, hint).

Resurrection Eggs

The grandkids and I have been having fun making "plastic" easter eggs using the plastic jackets from the Bible Bookstore. ( I'll scan in a couple of the jackets for you to see.)  Some of the eggs we leave empty and place around the house, on trees, etc.  Others, we fill with candy for the kids to find on Easter Sunday.  You can use these on regular eggs as well.  The plastic shrinks around the egg when placed  in hot water.
You can also fill these with items representing the Resurrection story for the kids to open on Easter.  (I would use things like a cross; a rock for the stone; a hollowed out rock for the tomb, or leave one empty to represent the empty tomb; nails; lamb; heart (he now lives in our heart; ) angel; etc.  If you have any other ideas, please let me know.

Here is an idea from Linda:

Symbol of:
A small piece of wood, (end of a match stick works well) the cross
A small nail or carpet tack the nails from the cross
A small rock the tomb
A whole clove (the spice) the spices used to anoint Jesus
A small piece of linen (cheese cloth or anything white will work) the burial shroud

When all things are emptied from the egg, the egg represents the empty tomb found on the third day.

Best viewed with "kids" font.