There are issues that always bother me, and I have strong opinions about them.  But I don't always verbalize my opinions because sometimes (a lot of the time) they go against the flow.  But I've decided that this is a good place for me to rant and rave, so if you are up to listening to how I view the world, then read on.  You may not agree with me--that's okay.  We need diversity or it would be a very boring world.  Of course there are some issues that I can't imagine anyone disagreeing with, but much to my dismay, people do.  So for what it's worth, here I go. 

Please click on the topic you want to go to.  If there is no link yet,  it's because I haven't put my thoughts in writing yet--but believe you me, the thoughts are there.  I'll begin with some really controversial stuff.  At the end of each subject is a response button.  To respond, click the button, fill in the information and your comments or questions will be emailed to me. 

Warning:  These opinions are subject to change without prior warning.

I hope you are open-minded enough to read what I have to say and consider the possibility that it could be true.

Acceptance vs Rejection

Religion to Blame!?

If My People...Heal Their Land

A Heart of Terror...Terrorist Tragedy

Stopping the Rape in our Prisons

Open Heart, Open Mind

Pro-Life, Pro-Choice: The Battle Rages

The Clinton Affair

Prayer in the Schools

Xmas vs Christmas

Why Me?

An Exorcism Gone Bad

What Are Fundamentalists Anyway?

coming soon....I hope

What Would Jesus Do? 
Being Politically Correct 
Bad Things Will Happen to Good People 
Don't Tell Me That Stuff (Why I'd Rather Stay in the Dark) 




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