The proposed legislation calls on the states to address this serious problem and holds them accountable if they fail to do so. Specifically, the bill requires the Department of Justice to report on the prevalence of prison rape and cite the prison systems that have the severest problems. It will also establish a clearinghouse for complaints and establish a commission to set standards to reduce and eliminate prison rape.

I just read an article mentioning this bill that is being brought before legislators.  I couldn't let it pass without comment, and I have passed my comments on to the justice department, and hope you will do so also.

My question is, "Why are we having to get a bill passed that will stop criminals from committing crimes?  These men and women are in prison because they violated the law, were found guilty, and now are being punished for that crime.  Does serving time in prison now mean they no longer have to abide by the law and that the law no longer protects men and women serving time?  

Also, in society, if a person sees and allows crimes to take place and does nothing to stop it when he has the means and authority to do so, isn't he also an accomplice to that crime?  At least that what I've learned on Law & Order where I've been getting my legal education.

In all seriousness, why should someone get away with enacting a criminal offence just because he is behind bars?  Raping inmates is not the only violation of our laws.  Many inmates become addicted to drugs in prison.  Others continue with their addiction.  We heard not long ago about an imprisoned drug lord found guilty of murder, still continuing his drug business, ordering kidnappings, etc., and all from prison.  

It's about time someone is rising up to say, "ENOUGH!"  It's time that prison officials be held accountable for the safety of the inmates in their care.  These prisoners are the ones many of us consider the scum of the earth.  Many of us wouldn't waste a moment of our time even thinking about them.  But let me remind you what the Bible says..."I was in prison and you visited me".  These are human beings.  They need to be in prison...many of them for longer than they'll actually serve.  But they aren't garbage.  If we are going to just throw them away and not care, then let's execute more of them who do the serious crimes and end up harming even other prisoners.  But don't leave these people there, some whose crimes may not have been that serious, to be ravaged, beaten, and unprotected.  How many out of anger at the treatment they received in prison end up angry and bitter and thus more danger to society when they do get out.

In my opinion, prison is the way we have of putting people who seem to be bent on committing crimes away so they can't commit them anymore.  Let's make sure our prisons do everything in their power to keep them from committing more crimes.