The Bible says no man has seen God and lived.  Yet, it also says things like, "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face, then I will hear from heaven and will heal their land."  So what do you think it means to 'seek God's face'?

When I think of seeking God's face, or looking into his face,  I think about how much I want to see someone's face to see their expressions while they are talking to me, especially if it is a sensitive subject.  I feel like I am really hearing them and sensing their response to me be it pleasure, rejection, anger, fear, etc, when I can see their eyes, their mouth, their brow.  Too often what we say with our mouths isn't what we really feel or believe. 

Now I know I can't see a physical face with God, yet, I believe that as I communicate with him and spend time with him, worship him, read his word, as I get to know him,  and as I bask in his presence, I am 'seeking his face'.   This is how I get to know him and how he feels about me.  And maybe that is even a truer way of 'seeing' since we can also look but not really see with our eyes.  And, as I've learned so well over the last few years, all I have to do is look at the face of Jesus as he walked among the people to see the face of the father.  In that face is love, compassion, longing, displeasure at hypocrisy and judgmentalness, acceptance.  And the Bible says that what we see now is but a glimpse, but one day we will see him 'face to face and know him as he is."

One of my pastors in a sermon mentioned a study done with babies and their mothers.  In the study they would have the mom sit with her baby and look at her child, talk to him, respond to him.  The baby's eyes would lock on mom and respond to her with giggles, goo-goo, ga-gas, etc.  Then they would have the mom still holding the child but looking off in the distance and not making eye contact with her child.  The child would keep trying to get the mom to look.  He knew she wasn't really looking at him.  Then after awhile with no success, the baby would grab for a teddy bear or toy, but still the child would fuss.  The babies needed that connection with their moms in order to feel secure and happy.

He talked about how we have that built in need for connection with God and when we don't turn to him and seek his face, we reach for the teddy bear...or the drugs, alcohol, sex, tv, whatever we think will bring us security, happiness.  But it is never enough and never fulfilling.  Just as the baby needs mom, we need God. 

I believe that the way a baby is loved and cared for, and the way attention is given to him, determines how the baby will feel about himself as he grows.  I find that as I connect with my heavenly father and 'seek his face' I see love and acceptance and a delight in being with me, his child, and that in turn gives me the security I need to feel good about myself. annie

I'd really like to hear other responses to this question that was revived from my missing Question Corner.