To whom did God appear?  Brian

Brian:    I personally think that when the Bible says someone saw God, it was actually Christ, at least after the fall.   The Bible says that God walked with Adam in the Garden of Eden.  Of course, after Adam sinned, God no longer had that kind of a relationship with man because of that sin.  Here are the cases where the Bible actually says the Lord appeared to someone:

  • Exodus 33--Moses was allowed to see the backside of God--at this time, he told Moses that no one can see his face and live;
  • Genesis 12:7; 18:1-33 --the Lord appeared to Abraham more than once (I do believe this is Christ); 
  • Genesis 26:2; 23 -- the Lord appeared to Isaac; Genesis 35:1; 6;8:3--appeared to Jacob; 
  • Exodus 4:5--appeared to Moses; 
  • Deuteronomy 31:15; appeared at the tent in a pillar of cloud; 
  • I Samuel 3:  the Lord stands by Samuel and calls his name; and then continues to appear at Shiloh and revealed himself to Samuel through his word; 
  • I Kings 3:5; 9:2; 7:11--appeared to Solomon in a dream & at night; 
  • II Chronicles 3:1--appeared to David on Mount Moriah; 
There are also numerous times where the Bible says the angel of the Lord appeared before someone.

I hope this answers your question.