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Went to a neurologist last week and he said that I am a candidate for DISH. My hip xrays reported mild osteoarthritis. I have a bone spur on #6 in my neck that is a big as a marshmallow. He prescribed Vioxx and Naprosyn, but I am not satisfied with the drugs as a full response. He also suggested I see a Rhemotology Doctor and begin physical therapy. My biggest problem is this ...I am 38 years old!!! Can you give me any direction?????



I've found so little information on DISH, but I've found that even the chemotherapy and the Enbryl don't stop its progression.  For me, I find that I have to protect my body.  If I overdo it. like walk too much, my feet will flare up leaving behind a bigger boney growth on my ankles or toes.  Or if I put my weight on my knee, it will flare up, or if I open and close a heavy door, my elbow will flare.  So I try to be as careful as I can to not get injured or strain any part of my body.  I don't know if this is how it usually progresses in people, but that is how much of my spurs and tissue turning to bone has occured.  I would find a good rheumotology doctor if I were you because they are up on the latest medical advances and treatments.  And if you do get flare-ups, do take anti-inflamatory drugs because I noticed that the longer an area stays flared up, the more damage is done.  If they don't take it away, don't hesitate to have either cortisone injections or the cortisone med-pak.  Of course, these eventually quit working for me, but at least for a while they helped.  There are side effects like weight gain and depression, but it's worth it when you are in a lot of pain.

Have you had an MRI?  That can tell how advanced it is and give a definite diagnosis.